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Jelly Splash Cheats – Facebook

Jelly Splash Cheats – Add Lives, Add Coins, Add Moves – Facebook

jelly splash cheats

jelly splash cheats

Jelly Splash Cheats Details

CHEATIX.COM proudly presents Jelly Splash Cheats. Are you sick of spending days and days on a single level that is made just for making you stuck? Are you sick of waiting 30 min for another live? Do you want add more coins whenever you want? Jelly Splash Cheats is a tool made for you.

Jelly Splash Cheats is a very useful tool for getting additional Lives, Coins and Moves for every level. Jelly Splash Cheats was made recently in 2013 by programers of CHEATIX.COM as a freeware so it’s usage is absolutely free.
Refill your lives, and any number of coins you want and add up to 999 moves in a 1 minute with Jelly Splash Cheats.

Jelly Splash Cheats File Details

Name: Jelly Splash – Cheats
Platform: Facebook
Size: 1.52 Mb
Works perfectly globally and on all browsers
Price: Freeware – Free to download (Limited time!)
Undetectable 1oo% guarantee

jelly splash cheats

Instruction of using Jelly Splash Cheats

1. Download Jelly Splash Cheats from the link posted below.
2. Open your browser and go to Jelly Splash on Facebook and leave the game running.
3. Open Jelly Splash Cheats [Facebook].exe
4. Select which cheats you want to run from Refill Lives!, Add Coins! and Add Moves!.
5. Fill text boxes with desired amount of Coins or Moves.
6. Click Go! button.
7. Wait few seconds for Jelly Splash Cheats to do his job.
8. Refresh your page in order to see added items.
9. Enjoy the game!

! WARNING ! After using Jelly Splash Cheats close and open again the tool in order to use it once again.
Don’t use Moves cheat with others because it’s working method is a little bit different from the others and do not refresh your site after ussage.
Also for proper working of Moves cheat you need to make some moves (3 or 4 should be enough) before clicking Go! button. In case of doubt watch our instruction video.

If any problems occured or Jelly Splash didn’t work, visit WWW.CHEATIX.COM and fill contact form which will be sent to our programers. Contact form can be found at the bottom of the site called Contact.

Does this Cheat Work ?

41 Votes for Yes

0 Votes for No

jelly splash cheats

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If you like our work please let us know by leaving a comment and voting for YES. Also you can like our fan page on Facebook where you will informed about our newest uploads. If you have any ideas for which game to hack, let us know!

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    November 28, 2013

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